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john the baptist wikipedia - here john and the theotokos mary flank a christ pantocrator and intercede for humanity in many ways this is the equivalent of western crucifixions on roods and elsewhere where john the evangelist takes the place of john the baptist except in the idiosyncratic isenheim altarpiece, john the baptist the greatest man to ever live - john did not lack boldness as he challenged even herod to repent of his sins in approximately 29 ad herod antipas had john the baptist arrested and put in prison later john was beheaded through a plot devised by herodias the illegal wife of herod and ex wife of his brother philip, who was john the baptist biblical historical facts - john the baptist the forerunner of our lord we have but fragmentary and imperfect accounts of him in the gospels he was of priestly descent his father zacharias was a priest of the course of abia 1 chronicles 24 10 and his mother elisabeth was of the daughters of aaron luke 1 5, the story of john the baptist life hope truth - john the baptist knew that he had been called by god to fulfill the prophecy of isaiah the voice of one crying in the wilderness prepare the way of the lord make his paths straight matthew 3 3 quoting isaiah 40 3, st john the baptist facts feast day death - john the baptist the ascetic in the judaean desert who preached repentance and baptism in view of god s coming kingdom marked a decisive moment for his career he recognized in john the forerunner of the kingdom that his own ministry proclaimed, who was john the baptist zondervanacademic com - john the baptist s message john was a preacher who stood in the tradition of the prophets and he proclaimed the message god laid upon his heart all of his preaching is filled with old testament imagery content and vividness