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list of protestant martyrs of the english reformation - the english reformation had put a stop to catholic ecclesiastical governance in england asserted royal supremacy over the english church and dissolved some church institutions such as monasteries and chantries an important year in the english reformation was 1547 when protestantism became a new force under the child king edward vi england s first protestant ruler, the project gutenberg ebook of bleak house by charles dickens - the project gutenberg ebook bleak house by charles dickens this ebook is for the use of anyone anywhere at no cost and with almost no restrictions whatsoever, tribal art directory links david howard tribal art directory - asian tribal art tribal art directory primitive art ethnographic art oceanic art folk art ethnic cultures artifacts textiles costumes sculpture, a local history st edmundsbury from 1539 to 1699 - 1539 prior to the dissolution of the monasteries the abbot of the abbey of st edmund upheld the king s law and imposed and collected taxes in the whole of the area later to become west suffolk