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carmina gadelica hymns and incantations alexander - carmina gadelica hymns and incantations alexander carmichael john macinnes on amazon com free shipping on qualifying offers the carmina gadelica is the most comprehensive collection of poems and prayers from the gaelic tradition of oral poetry gathered by alexander carmichael, the lost charms and incantations that molded celtic - since men and woman have been capable of making vocal sounds incantations have been floated on airwaves by enchanters who whispering charms spells in rituals hymns and prayers invoked curses raised protection deities and summoned demons, scottish gaelic dictionary online translation lexilogos - lyrikline poems in gaelic with translation audio the gaelic reader with notes and vocabulary by malcolm maclennan 1913 gaelic poems by alexander cook 1882 carmina gadelica hymns and incantations with illustrative notes on words rites and customs dying and obsolete with the translation in english collected by alexander carmichael 1900 i ii iii or online texts